Maintenance Tips for Spray Foam Rigs & Tools

It’s a good idea to inspect and maintain your spray foam rigs and tools once a year. This keeps them in working shape and prepared for warmer temperatures, which are prime conditions for spray foam jobs. The more you pay attention to the little details, the less likely it’ll be that you have problems when you need the rig most.

Spray Foam Rig Maintenance Checklist

Outside the Rig

Begin with the outside of the rig. Have tires checked by professionals for tread, air pressure and even wear. Lubricate wheel bearings. Have trailer brake pads and lights checked to ensure safe and secure towing.

Inside the Rig

Inside the rig, start by inspecting all hoses, including hoses for:

  • Drum supply lines
  • Return lines
  • Air lines
  • Spray hoses

Be sure your inspection includes scuff jackets, connections and attachment points. Look for pinches, frays or kinks. To avoid problems in the field, replace any hoses with excessive wear and tear.

Double-check air regulators and transfer pumps for expected performance.


Service the generator twice a year, once at the beginning of fall and the other right before spring. Change the oil and fuel, as well as the filters, air filters and belts. Manufacturers may recommend optimal service timetables, so check your manuals.


For proportioners, perform maintenance like changing out TSL (A-Side), cleaning Y-strainers and greasing pressure relief valves. Once yearly, remove the electrical cabinet and use compressed air to blow dirt and debris out from electrical components.

For Hydraulic proportioners, change the hydraulic fluid once a year for improved performance.

Spray Foam Gun Cleaning

The spray foam gun is one of the most important pieces of the spray foam rig. Keeping it clean is essential and several cleaning techniques can be used.

First, rinse with a cleaning solvent to remove any uncured foam or residue. Then, scrub it with a soft-bristle brush, focusing on hard-to-reach areas. After that, use compressed air to blow out any remaining particles or moisture. Finally, wipe and dry the gun to ensure no solvent or moisture remains.

Technician applying spray foam insulation in a home.

Contact AMD Distribution for New Spray Foam Rigs & Accessories

A well-maintained spray foam rig is essential to your business. At AMD Distribution, we ship quality spray foam rigs and accessories to contractors throughout the Mid-West and Mountain-West regions. We provide all the spray foam essentials for a fully operational rig and build fully customizable rigs tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

Our spray foam rig experts have deep knowledge and broad experience with rigs. We’re small enough to get to know you well yet large enough to handle demanding, complex projects. Count on our expertise and experience to help you complete the project on time.

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