Equipment & Accessories for Insulation Contractors

Winco DE4040F Generator

Building ProductsThe DE4040 has output of 40kW with 40 CFM @ 120 psi. It is the only 40/40 generator/compressor unit specifically designed for trailer applications with a Cummins/Stamford generator end. This model features a rugged 10HP Rotorcomp rotary screw air compressor, Stamford generator, 54 gallon fuel tank, 2A battery charger, block heater, and a simplistic key start. This model is perfect for applications requiring an air compressor and a small footprint! We are a dealer of Winco Generators and we can get any of the size generator that Winco carries.

Winco DE45F4 Generator

Building MachineryThe DE45F4 is powered by the FPT N45 SM1 4.5 Liter Turbocharged diesel engine, producing 45 kW output. The DE45F4 is made to perform when you need it most. We are a dealer of Winco Generators and we can get any of the size generator that Winco carries.

Val 6 KBE5L Radiant Heater

The primary use of the KBE5L for insulation installations is by heating the surface where you will be installing foam insulation, as well as the material itself, as the heat helps the foam expand to a greater degree, therein decreasing cost of goods, and increasing effectiveness. When installing traditional insulation, the KBE5L simply keeps the environment and personnel warm and cozy to do their job.

Portable via the power inverter from your vehicle. Burning each: Kerosene, #1 and #2 diesel, bio-diesel (20%) cleanly and efficiently. So efficiently, in fact, that there is a 100% recovery of heat from the fuel burnt, as well as no smell, burning eyes, headaches, nausea, or carbon monoxide to fret about. The VAL6 KBE5L is a radiant-only heater, meaning you won’t have a whirlwind of dust blowing around your workspace from it. It has the extra fuel-reclamation exhaust visor, a high/low switch for added control, and a fuel pre-heater built in. Throw in the 15 gallon tank, and the minimal 0.75 gal/hr intake on low, and 0.9 gal/hr on high, makes the KBE5L the most popular model to date.

Graco Parts

Supplied Air Hose (LP)

Can be used on 3M(TM) Low Pressure Compressed Air Systems. It has a 1/2 inch inner diameter and is equipped with MPT’s on both ends to accept 3/8 inch FPT fittings. This hose can only be used in single lengths. Hoses cannot be combined.

Hose Lengths: 50′ or 100′

Waste Removal Bag

4’ x 6’ waste removal bag with an 11” collar capable of holding up to 75 cubic feet of waste/debris.

Sold Individually.

Intec Mark II Blowing Hose

Sizes 3” x 50’ or 4” x 50

Dynasolve CU-6

Solvent effective for cleaning spray foam guns.

1 gallon

Color: Clear
Specific Gravity: 1.06
Boiling Point: >392oF

Flash Point: 210oF

GSP Surf X Flush 2000

Is an environmentally sensible, non-HAPs solvent based cleaner designed to dissolve: and flush part A & B isocyanates polyurethane foam, flexible and rigid elastomer and molded polyurethane foam. Effective for both MDI and TDI esters as well as cured reactive hot melt polyurethane adhesives, and other industrial adhesives. It also removes mixtures of Fiberglass and Polyester Resin, Vinylester and Epoxy Resins.

Non-Flammable • Biodegradable • Recyclable • Low VOC’s • No ODC’s • Mild odor • Low Rate of Evaporation

Size: 1 Gallon


Isocyanates Resin Cleaner is an environmentally safe, non-HAPs, no ODC’s non-flammable. Low emission organic solvent – based multipurpose industrial resin remover. It is highly effective in both flushing and immersion cleaning of single component Isocyanates (part A) and Uncured Reactive Hot Melt Polyurethane Adhesives, Uncured Resins (Epoxy, Polyester, Vinylester, Polyurethane); Adhesives; Pigmented Gel Coats and other coatings including High & Low Solid Aliphatic, Waterborne Epoxy Primers, Polyurethane, Acrylic, Varnish and Alkyl Enamel.

Use this product full strength at room temperature only in an immersion tank application with low agitation or flushing of hoses in a well-ventilated area. If the product is flushed through spray guns, it is imperative to have an adequate exhausted system in place.

Size: 5 Gallon

GSP Cirr D Bond

CIRR D-Bond™ Crystallized isocyanates Resin Remover is a low emission organic solvent-based “Non-Flammable”, Non-HAPs multipurpose industrial resin & coating remover. It is highly effective in immersion cleaning of: Crystallized isocyanates, Cured Urethane (both MDI and TOI Esters and Ethers), Cured Reactive Hot Melt Adhesives, Industrial Resins such as: Polyester, Vinylester, Epoxy and Pigmented Gel Coats, Coatings such as High & Low Solid aliphatic, water born Epoxy Primers, Polyurethane, Acrylic, varnishes and alkyl enamel

Non-Flammable • Recyclable • Low VOC’s • No ODC’s • Mild odor • Low Rate of Evaporation

Size: 1 and 5 Gallon

Image of interior of metal building.
Metal Building

We’re specialists in metal building insulation with a strong focus on commercial and agricultural products. Metal building insulation can be delivered to you unfaced, with a Simple Saver System or with a variety of laminated facings that best suit your needs.

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Residential Insulation

AMD Distribution’s dedication to the residential insulation business allows us to supply quality products from major trusted manufacturers while being a one-stop distributor for your insulation needs.

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Technician applying spray foam insulation in a home.
Spray Foam

AMD Distribution’s full spray foam product line, along with training and problem solving, allows us to be the leader in the field. Our newly established lead program will bring work to the spray foam contractor in their coverage area.

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Spray foam insulation being applied in a wall.

What kind of distributor would we be if we couldn’t get you the equipment you need to use our products? AMD Distribution works closely with equipment manufacturers to ensure you get the right equipment to fit your production needs.

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